Overview of Angular JS Quiz Game

AngularJS mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individual developers and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side modelâ??viewâ??controller (MVC) and modelâ??viewâ??viewmodel (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in rich Internet applications.AngularJS extends HTML with new attributes. It extends HTML DOM with additional attributes and makes it more responsive to user actions. 

- To decouple DOM manipulation from application logic. The difficulty of this is dramatically affected by the way the code is structured.
- To decouple the client side of an application from the server side. This allows development work to progress in parallel, and allows for reuse of both sides.)
- To provide structure for the journey of building an application: from designing the UI, through writing the business logic, to testing.
- Create powerful websites.

Learners can practice/Play these quizzes to improve their Angular JS skills to improve their skill and competency level which is essential to clear various interviews, placements and other technical entrance exams. These questions can be taken by freshers, experience IT professionals and others who are interested in to expand their level of competency in Angular JS. 

The gameplay is designed to help beginners grasp the Angular JS concepts quickly and easily.  The 5 levels ensure that the game is engaging even to those who use Angular JS professionally as the complexity increases with each additional level. 

Your scores will be shared with organizations who are currently hiring resources requiring Angular JS skills, which will result in proper skill match in the organizations.

Play the Angular JS game to:
- Develop your skills on Angular JS
- Prepare for tests in Angular JS (for academic as well as clearing greenhorn tests)
- Prepare for Job Interviews 
- prepare for Technical Exams in MNC's

- None, everyone can have fun.

-Develop your Skill/Competency on Angular JS
-Learn at your own pace
-Show case your competency to organizations hiring resources that match your skill
-Leaders in each skill will be showcased to organizations and will be given priority placement
-Earn reward points and redeem them for merchandise

Game Modes

Single Player: Allows player to play this game with self. It is available in the following levels

  • Beginner
  • Advance
  • Master
  • Expert

Multi Player: Allows multiple players to play this game. At minimum there should be 2 players for playing this game.

Game Levels

  • 1 Level 1: You would need to score at minimum 40 points for clearing this level
  • 2 Level 2: You would need to score at minimum 80 points for clearing this level


Rank PLayer Score Wins
1 img navya.m 118.00 0
2 img asha.turlapati 116.00 0
3 img vinya jakkula 114.00 0
4 img maheswari.telaprolu 110.00 0
5 img kommareddy srilatha 105.00 0
6 img ANUSHA.VADLAMUDI 104.00 0
7 img Sangeetha.S 104.00 0
8 img kodari padmaja 100.00 0
9 img supriya Banala 87.00 0
10 img Shubh 47.00 0
11 img Usha 40.00 0
12 img pavani prasad 20.00 0
13 img Festus Iipito 15.00 0
14 img KURUMUTLA HARI 13.00 0
15 img Venkateswarlu Ala 12.00 0
16 img venkatesh 11.00 0
17 img vamsi kalyan 6.00 0
18 img Miraya Choudhury 4.00 0
20 img rajesh.pokala -2.00 0